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Weird and Wonderful....

In a nutshell, my closest friends would describe me as a quirky hippie full of spontaneity and a lust for life and want for adventure. OK, maybe if I'm being really honest; they'd call me the crazy one. I'm the one that gives the advice, never follows my own, enjoys random drives halfway across the country to see the sun set from a beautiful valley; and always seeks out opportunities to make people smile . There is something wonderful about being a creative on a personal and professional level, and I love my job more than I ever thought I could. If I was stranded on a desert island (with food, shelter, and water) and could only have 3 things, I would choose a camera, my trusty little ukulele; and an endless supply of creamy garlic mushroom bruschetta! 

A Woman of Many Talents

My first and most important role is being a mother to my ace 3 year old, Bonnie. I'm also a qualified and registered nurse and was working in gynacology and breast care for three years before leaving the profession to become a full-time wedding photographer. I returned to nursing in late 2020 following the loss of a full years worth of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This allows me to continue to prioritise my brides and grooms whilst ensuring I have a regular stable income at the same time. I currently work as a bank (ad-hoc) nurse on various wards at my local hospital but am still 100% full-time and committed to photography as my main career.


I'm also an infamous and very average ukulele player and alright singer; wannabe professional Nigella Lawson (I'm obsessed with food!), and volunteer palma violet gin taster.

My Approach

I want to document you making memories, not photograph you posing awkwardly for a picture. Real moments between you and your closest people is what gets me going to be honest. I'd say my style is natural, unposed-posed, relaxed and wild. I do use the occasional strange cue to help you to chill out and get you laughing; and I will give you advice on how to stand or sit to ensure I capture you at your best; but nothing beats those natural moments. Some of my favourite ever images have been a few spontaneous seconds of friends or family interacting together at weddings that I've only just caught by chance, or the beautiful moments between a newlywed couple as they share a few words in private whilst surrounded by guests. 

Please don't ask me to put a splash of colour on a black and white image, or to take a picture of you through your wedding's just not my style and I would be cheating myself if I did it. I can't guarantee a stunning golden hour or that your spouse won't leave you nervous by arriving late at the the ceremony, but I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the best day and that things run as smoothly as possible. 

How Did I Become a Crazy Camera Lady?

It all started back in 2017, when I was photographed by the most incredible pair, James and Merika Green of James Green Studios. Merika became my soul sister and trusted confident overnight and James' weirdness resonated with me on another level, leading him to quickly become a close friend who made me ugly laugh every time we spoke. Merika encouraged me to buy my first camera and quickly took me out for a practice shoot with some close friends of mine. She was patient and generous with her knowledge, allowing me to find my creative spark whilst helping me with the camera settings as I stumbled through the shoot. A few months after this, and with more experience under my belt, James offered me experience shooting alongside him during a few weddings in the summer. My nerves were eased by his calm presence and professional attitude, and he allowed me to use my creativity and get to know his couples.This experience was completely invaluable to me and a few weeks after my third wedding with James, and after turning down numerous wedding enquiries prior to this; I was hired by my first incredible wedding couple Lucy and Tom, who trusted me completely despite knowing their wedding was my first as the main shooter. I fell in love with weddings and have never looked back.


I will be forever indebted to James and Merika. They have remained two of my closest and most trusted friends, and I know I can always call on them for support and advice, as I hope they know they can me. I love you guys!

Where am I based?

I'm based in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire; right on the coast. I travel nationwide for weddings but shoot commercial and family photography locally and occasionally further afield. 

Why Book Me for your Big Day?

I love people, and I love love. If you've found yourself here after finding yourself drawn to my style of photography, and you still think I seem like someone on your wave length....maybe its just meant to be! Finding and securing your wedding photographer is one of the most important choices you can make, and I feel genuinely honoured every time a couple decide that I am the one for them. 

I will be here to give you advice and recommendations during your planning days, hints and tips to ensure you have a relaxed and stress-free wedding; and be the one with tears in my eyes during your beautiful wedding vows. 

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