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Venue - San Pietro Scunthorpe

Florist - Wow and Wow

Stationary - Bianco Blanc Appose

MUA - Melissa Power

Hair - Hair by Emma Emily

DJ & Sax - Club Class UK

Dance Floor Neon Prop - Elizabeth James Events 

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''Holly really was wonderful to work with.

We decided to choose Holly as our photographer as we loved the look of her work. Relaxed, fun, loving and she had that lovely dewy muted tone to her images that really appealed to me.

Not only did she capture our day perfectly, but she also went above and beyond just being a photographer on the day, she was like my personal assistant.

She chilled me out on the morning of my wedding when my nerves were setting in. She organised the chaos when it came to group photos. She was incredible with the little ones and she even looked after Rob’s dad when the heat got a little overwhelming at one point!

She was magic, and at the end of it all, she provided us with the most perfect gallery of images of the most perfect day''.

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