Covid-19 & Your Wedding



It's clear to see across social media and the news in general that we are all worrying about the Covid-19 virus that has been spreading throughout the world in recent weeks. We can't really ignore it unfortunately as it is something that may affect your big day if the government were to ban events or gatherings here in the UK, however, the last we thing we should do is panic, as its most likely that you and your wedding won't be affected.


If I am unfortunate enough to be struck by the virus, of course I won't be showing up to spread my bugs around at your wedding. As advised in your wedding contact, I will send a trusted and reliable photographer with a similar style to mine to photograph on my behalf. I will still edit your pictures in my style and continue to have communication with you up until and after your wedding. Luckily, as a community of photographers, we are all supporting each other and know the importance of making sure each and every scheduled wedding has a dedicated photographer in place should this be needed. 

Your Options...

First things first, please try not to panic! I understand that you may have spent years planning this special day in your head and are worried sick that it might not go ahead, but the most important thing is that we all remain well and look after each other in times like these. Here are some steps that should help reduce your worry and get things in place should the Government put an event ban in place. 

1) Reduce your Guest List

There is no current Government advice to limit gatherings or events in general, so thats a good start at least! In other countries, advice has been given for people to limit gatherings to 100 people or less, so lets plan for this outcome over the next few days. If you have a wedding guest list of 100 or less, we can sit tight and expect that things will go ahead as normal. If you have a larger guest list then I'd definitely consider contacting guests that you aren't as close to, are perhaps due to fly in from abroad, or are elderly and therefore more vulnerable to the virus. It's unlikely that these guests will be offended by your need to reduce numbers in the current situation, and this way you still get to enjoy your beautiful wedding day as hoped.

2) Speak to your Wedding Venue

Contact your wedding venue for clarification that your day will still be going ahead. It's incredibly unlikely that they, like myself, will cancel your wedding day under any circumstances beside a Government event ban being put in place. Getting this confirmation may just help to put your mind at ease a little more. 

3) Refer to your Wedding insurance Policy

In the unfortunate event that your wedding can not go ahead as planned, it is likely that your wedding insurance will cover your loses, if in the unlikely event that you are unable to reschedule your day. Check to see where you stand with this by getting in touch with them or checking your documents as soon as possible.

4) Postpone

In exceptional circumstances alone, postposing your day may be the only option. I always offer the option to move your wedding to another day in situations beyond our control, so just send me an email or message me on one of my social media pages to find out what dates I have free and we can go from there. You'll need to contact all of your suppliers and find a date that suits everyone, but it has and can be done! 

5) Stay in Touch

Please don't go into hibernation because you are panicking. I'm here for support and can offer advice along the way so get in touch if you have any concerns and I'll do my best to help.

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